Starting Your Mendo Seeds

~Starting Your Mendo Seeds~

What you need:

  • Containers – Either purchased pots or flats. Used pots should be cleaned and disinfected by soaking in 1 part bleach to 10 parts water.
  • Potting Mix –Happy Frog or Light Warrior
  • Seeds – Mendo Seeds for best results
  • Labels/markers – Trust me, you won’t remember what’s what
  • Water – tap water is fine.
  • Light Source – If you don’t have a bright window, you will need some kind of florescent light.

How to start Mendo Seeds:

  1. Use NEW fresh dirt.
  2. Water the soil and allow it to drain thoroughly before sowing the seeds. Make a hole for each seed with your finger or a pencil. Soil should be kept evenly moist but not soaking wet. Too much moisture will cause the seeds to rot. Use a fine sprayer to water if possible water from the bottom.
  3. Place seed ¼” into soil and cover lightly. Although the soil was pre-dampened, it is still a good idea to gently sprinkle some additional water on top of the newly planted seed. This insures that the top layer of soil won’t dry out and it also helps to firm the potting mix and insure good contact between the seed and the soil.
  4. Keep your seeds warm 70 to 75 degrees. Use a heat mat to keep them warm. Use a cover to keep moist. You will usually need to water more frequently when using heating mats.
  5. Germination will happen in a few days. Once germinated, all seedlings need light to develop into strong, healthy plants. Supplement the natural light with florescent bulbs. Your seedlings will need between 16-18 hours of light each day.
  6. The care you give your seedlings in the weeks following germination is critical. Keep seedlings moist, but not dripping.
  7. Move the seedlings into a larger pot once several sets of leaves have formed and the seedling is a couple of inches tall. This is called “stepping up” and it allows the roots more room to develop. Three to four inch pots are good sizes to pot up to, allowing plenty of room for root growth.

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